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A theoretical perspective supporting educational guidance in Argentina

Historically, Latin American countries have assimilated the psychological theories produced in developed countries. However, original developments within a guidance setting are taking place in Argentina.

Argentina is a pioneer in the field of Occupational Guidance in Latin America. Its first institutions for the development of this discipline date back to 1925. Initial practices were set within a framework of psychometric and psychological evaluation, using psychometric tests and subsequently projective tests. Later, new techniques and approaches were developed for group and individual work, including interviews and guidance. Work was begun at schools with students in their last stages of schooling but, to date, guidance programmes or related public policies have not yet been systematically implemented in schools.

Using a multidisciplinary approach, Aisenson et al propose an educational and psychosocial approach to the application of guidance practices in institutional, particularly educational, contexts and community settings. Their studies have enabled them to develop a line of investigation that considers the meanings given by young people to the projects and career paths they are building, and the personal and social resources that are mobilized in transitional situations, and the subjective identity building processes.

Further details of this approach are given in a paper written by Aisenson et al, as presented at the Career Development Across the Lifespan Conference, the National Career Development Association, San Francisco, June 30 – July 3 2004

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